Getting Rid of Silverfish and Firebrats in your Home

You can effectively eliminate an infestation of silverfish and firebrats inside your home by using adhesive tape for pest control.

In the image below, taken in an apartment building, firebrats were entering an apartment from under a bathroom cabinet. The infestation was eliminated by using adhesive tape to trap the insects and completely block their entire pathway into the home.

Many firebrats of different sizes stuck on a stripe of an adhesive tape; the stripe of tape is on the floor. It is long, and about 2 inch wide

Advantages of using adhesive tape to trap silverfish and firebrats

The advantages of using adhesive tape to get rid of bugs instead of other pest control methods such as baits, dusts, and liquid insecticides, are numerous:

Disadvantages of using adhesive tape

The main disadvantage of using tape is that you need to avoid stepping on it. This can be achieved by using the tape in places where you don't normally walk, or by simply being careful not to step on it.

Where to apply the adhesive tapes

The adhesive tapes should be used to completely block the entire pathway of the insects. If you know the entry point of the silverfish or firebrats into your house, surround this area with tape. If the bugs have already infested your home, a very effective technique is to block them from moving between rooms by using the tape either under doors, or very close to the doors between rooms. This technique is displayed in the pictures below.

Procedure for applying adhesive tape for pest control

You will need to use three tapes on top of each other, as explained below.


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Step 1: Applying the bottom tape

The bottom tape (blue tape in the pictures below) has to be wide (i.e. 1 or 2 inch wide) and have light-strength or medium-strength adhesive (so it does not damage carpets or peel off paint from walls).

A blue stripe of adhesive tape on the floor in the passageway between rooms; a small part of the tape is on the wall

When applying the bottom tape (as well as the tapes that follow), press down with your fingers along the tape to make sure there are no air gaps that the insects can crawl through.

A hand of an adult man pressing down to the floor a stripe of blue adhesive tape

If you are applying the tapes on the floor or carpet, make sure to go up the wall about 2 inches (see picture below). Some insects, when they find there is tape on the floor, will try to climb instead on the wall. Two inches of tape is more than enough to convince them that the tape is also on the wall.

In addition, whenever you are applying a tape over a corner, be sure not to leave any gaps that the bugs can crawl under (see picture below).

A stripe of blue adhesive tape applied over the corner between floor and wall; there is a black arrow pointing at the corner between the floor and the wall, and another black arrow pointing at the edge of the tape on the wall




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