Flossing teeth when your hands are too painful to floss

For people who have various problems in their hands, such as sensitive skin, it can be painful to wrap floss around their fingers. Wrapping floss around the finger can reduce blood circulation to the finger. Using a floss holder in that case is a good solution. However, with a floss holder you lack the control that you have with your fingers and you cannot curve the floss around the shape of each tooth as well as you can when using your fingers.

The method described in the video above combines the advantages of both:

  1. You use floss holders as anchors to hold the floss (instead of using your fingers)
  2. You use your fingers to guide the floss between your teeth

I came up with this method myself and have been using it for three years now.

You will need two FlossAid floss holders. You can buy them online (a package of three costs $10 if you search for it) on Amazon and ebay.

Two fork-like plastic wands for holding dental floss. One is colored aqua and the other red.

Figure 1: FlossAid floss holders.