Job Listings in Small Rural BC Cities

The purpose of this webpage is to display up-to-date job listings from small communities in rural BC, and more importantly, to give a long-term view of the type of jobs that are available in remote BC communities.

The information will hopefully be useful to anyone considering a move to a remote community in BC and wondering what jobs may be available, as well as anyone who already lives in such a community.

The job listings and data will be updated regularly starting in the beginning of September 2018. The job listings are collected semi-automatically (using a JavaScript software that I wrote) but part of the data collection process remains manual. The analysis of the collected data (e.g. the two tables on this page) is fully automated.

Specifically, I search for jobs on the following websites:

And I look for jobs (part-time or full-time) in the following BC regions and communities:

The job categories below are almost always in high demand in rural communities, so these jobs are not included in the data I collect. If you are looking for a job in one of these job categories you should have no trouble finding opportunities, even in rural communities:

  1. Food/hospitality (e.g. cook, server, barista, bartender). Possible employers are McDonalds, Subway, restaurants etc.
  2. Retail (e.g. sales associate, assistant manager, cashier, front desk clerk). Possible employers are Walmart, Safeway/Sobeys, local merchants.
  3. Finance (e.g. customer service, loans officer, financial advisor). Possible employers are local branches of large banks, e.g. BMO, CIBC, RBC, Scotiabank, TD.
  4. Trades and construction (e.g. apprentice electrician, automotive technician, carpenter).

In addition, I only include reputable employers, i.e. I do not include jobs posted by individual people unless they have included a website, a picture of themselves, a phone number, and business-type email (i.e. not email address from gmail or craigslist).

Last, if a job listing has appeared multiple times, either on different dates (e.g. in September and then in October) or on multiple websites (e.g. craigslist and, I only include it once.

With the above exclusions, since September 2018 (the first month I collected data) I found unique viable job listings covering the above-mentioned twelve small cities.

Number of job listings by category - September/October 2018

Number of job listings by size of population - September/October 2018

To see specific job listings please select a city or category below.