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How to live in a van in British Columbia's RV parks

Steering wheel and instrument panel of a van

Job Listings in Small Rural BC Cities

Up-to-date job listings from small communities in rural BC, and a long-term view of the type of jobs that are available in remote BC communities.

Credit card debt calculator for people living off a credit card and using it for basic necessities (e.g. food, rent)

Credit card

BC ferries schedule, webcams, ferry route maps, and terminal street addresses

Cruise ship sailing on water surrounded by blue sky and white clouds

How to floss your teeth if your hands are too painful to floss

Two hands of a person, each holding a fork-like plastic wand. A piece of dental floss, about two centimeters long, is stretched between the index fingers of the two hands

Get rid of silverfish and firebrats in your home

A hand of an adult man pressing down to the floor a stripe of blue adhesive tape


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